Dylan Sprayberry of “Teen Wolf” is On His Way to Becoming a Hollywood Headliner

SUPERBOY. Known for portraying teen roles, Dylan Sprayberry shows that there’s nothing juvenile about his personality or his talent


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Before Clark Kent finally took up the cape of Superman in “Man of Steel,” he was a conflicted teenager who ended up uttering some of the most moving lines in the 2013 movie. That teen version of the last Son of krypton was played by american actor Dylan Sprayberry. The following year, Sprayberry joined MTV’s “Teen Wolf” (if you’re familiar with the 1985 film of the same name starring Michael J. Fox, this is basically a modern TV adaptation of the same story) and has found a permanent home as a regular cast member of the award-winning series.

Of course, the Texas-born actor has chalked up plenty of other works in his nine-year career, including appearances in, for example, “Glee” and “Old Dogs.” That being said, it would seem that it is now in the 2010s that Sprayberry really began landing roles that showcase his charm, his rugged good looks and his repertoire of acting skills—all of which have long passed the limits of what a teen actor delivers. In the meantime, though, watching reruns of “Man of Steel” and catching up with “Teen Wolf” might give you a glimpse of a Hollywood headliner in the making.



DA MAN: Hi, Dylan. So, the sixth season of “Teen Wolf” has just started airing. Can you give us a rundown of what to expect this time?
Dylan Sprayberry:
Can’t say much except that there’s lots of action. So, make sure to tune in.

DA MAN: “Teen Wolf” has enjoyed consistently high ratings so far. What would you say is the key to the show’s success?
DS: Sex appeal and relatable underlying story lines.

DA MAN: For our readers who aren’t familiar with “Teen Wolf” yet, would now be a good time to start following the show?
DS: Well, I think it would be helpful to watch season one for sure to understand the main premise of the show. Each season has a freestanding story, but watching as many previous seasons as possible would certainly help you get a feel for the characters and their relationships.


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