Down by the beach: Baywatch-themed photoshoot feat. Ashley Gibson

DAMAN gets close with the former pro rugby league player-turned-model Ashley Gibson as he reveals more about his career turnabout

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With over 15 years of experience as a professional rugby league player and has represented his country in the England A team, Ashley Gibson is no stranger to success. However, he decided to retire from the sport at 36 years old and instead embarked on a modeling career. We talk to Ashley to find out more.

DA: How did your modeling  career come about? Was it  something that you imagined going into when  you were younger?
AG: Nope. I never imagined it. I always imagined playing rugby when I was younger. Then I got older, and people told me to do it. So, I applied to a few agencies.

DA: What aspect of modeling  appealed to you?
AG: I wouldn’t say I’m a poser, but I don’t mind taking pictures and having them taken of me.

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DA: Some would say you  entered the modeling world  quite late in the game; what  would be your take on that?
AG: Age is just a number. Everyone always says I don’t look my age. Like a fine wine.

DA: Tell us about your physical routine.
AG: I like to do a lot of weight training. I am training specific muscle groups. I sometimes want to do a bit of running as well. I don’t do it too much as I have bad knees from rugby days.

DA: They say consistency is key  and as someone who used to  be a pro athlete, how do you  keep yourself motivated?
AG: Yes, consistency and routine are key. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes nearly four years ago. So that motivates me to stay healthy and in shape.

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DA: What plans do you currently have as a model?
AG: I am just taking it as it comes. I am doing shoots to build my portfolio. I also launched an OnlyFans account, as I know many models have taken that route now. It will also help me keep in touch with fans from my rugby days. I decided to launch one three months ago and I love connecting with my fans. There are loads of celebrities and models on it now. It’s a way for fans to communicate with them instead of Instagram and other socials.

DA: What is your greatest fear?
AG: Snakes and spiders.

DA: When and where were you happiest?
AG: When I was playing rugby for my hometown team, Leeds Rhinos.

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DA: What do you think is your most outstanding  achievement?
AG: Making it as a professional rugby league player.

DA: What is your greatest regret?
AG: I could have played rugby in Australia when I was younger but decided to stay at my hometown team, Leeds Rhinos. I dreamt of playing for them growing up, so I stayed.

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DA: Who are your heroes in real life?
AG: My mum. She was a singleparent and brought me up on her own.

DA: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
AG: Maybe to become more extroverted.

DA: Finally, where would you like to live?
AG: I’ve been thinking of Dubai recently as my son moved there last year. But I love Bali and Thailand. So maybe Dubai for a few months and Thailand and Bali for the rest.

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