Diesel Joins the Collaborative Capsule Collection Bandwagon

A DIESEL REVOLUTION. Diesel has announced a new revolutionary platform, collaborating with international designers to create unique capsule collections for the Italian brand

Red Tag Project is Renzo Rosso’s newest idea for the Diesel brand

To a shopaholic, the words ‘Red Tag’ will often conjure up images of incredible discount sales, but for Italian fashion brand Diesel, the ‘Red Tag Project’ is a brand new global initiative thought up by its founder Renzo Rosso. In a nutshell, the Red Tag Project is a revolutionary platform created to host influential and globally renowned designers who have been tasked to create capsule collections that will be distributed exclusively by selected retailers worldwide. Each designer involved will merge their aesthetics and creativity to interpret Diesel’s signature clothesline: denim and sportswear. In the end, it is hoped that the results will churn out clothing and accessories that are not only bold, but also express a level of braveness at the same time.

Shayne Oliver is the first designer to partake in the Red Tag Project

The first chapter of the Red Tag Project will see Shayne Oliver, formerly of the groundbreaking New York City-based label Hood By Air, and recently off of a residency at Helmut Lang. Oliver’s capsule will consist of a ten-look lineup.

“I love denim’s heritage and its American roots, as well as Diesel’s Italian core. This capsule is really the language of Renzo, the brand founder. Refined razor sharp denim aesthetics that devours the excesses of trendiness,” says Shayne Oliver.

“This is a vibrant moment for Diesel: we are working on a series of global initiatives, one of which is this with the most groundbreaking and radical international designers, like Shayne,” says Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel. “The new generations are excited and engaged by beautiful products that have a soul and speak the language of today”.

Each collection under the initiative will be curated and distributed by Tomorrow London Ltd., the fashion platform that consults cutting-edge brands on a unique variety of services.

Renzo Rosso [left] and Shayne Oliver [right]