DA MAN Caliber: The Classiest Connected Watches

Breitling Exospace B55

In the world of fine watches, it’s quite surprising to see that a major player like Breitling would jump on the connected watch bandwagon and create their own take on the trend. While the Exospace B55 isn’t exactly new, this year sees a new interpretation in full titanium, including the bracelet. The result is very sleek, and stands head and shoulders above the competition in terms of design. If you’re looking for a connected watch that wouldn’t cause Swiss watch conservatives to look down on you, this has got to be the answer. In terms of functionality, it can display contact names and notifications when synchronized to a compatible smartphone. While it’s not super versatile, the Exospace B55 is undeniably super gorgeous.

Case size: 46mm
Case material: Titanium
Dial: Black
Bracelet: Titanium
Movement: B55, SuperQuartz
Water resistance: 100m




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