DA MAN Caliber: The Classiest Connected Watches


Seiko Astron GPS Solar Dual-Time

When it comes to technology, leave it to the Japanese to figure out the most intriguing advances—including ones for connected timepieces. Seiko’s answer to this trend is the Astron GPS Solar Dual-Time, the world’s first GPS solar watch. This means that the watch will connect to GPS satellites to accurately set the time. It’s pretty interesting to see that the power reserve indicator at 9 and 10 o’clock doubles as the satellite connection indicator. There’s also a second time zone, day and date display along with a day/night indicator on the dial. Finally, it’s crucial to note that the watch runs on solar power.

Case size: 45mm
Case material: Stainless Steel
Dial: Blue, black, brown or white
Bracelet: Stainless Steel or leather strap
Movement: Solar-powered
Water resistance: 100m


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