Charlie Matthews Bares All

THE BARE NECESSITIES. Charlie Matthews returns to show how a good model can make the best of even the flimsiest fashion items, while discussing about his life in the business

Briefs by Hugo Boss

Back in mid-2016 DA MAN featured a woodland-themed fashion spread featuring two male models. One of them was Charlie Matthews. And now he’s back again in his own fashion feature with decidedly fewer trees … and also fewer articles of clothing. However, we do get to learn more about Matthews himself, as he opens up about his first steps into the world of modeling, how he has branched out to jewelry design and much, much more.


DA MAN: Hi, Charlie, great to have you back. We last saw you for a photo shoot in our June/July 2016 issue. What have you been busy with these past months?
Charlie Matthews: Over the past few months, I’ve been busy working with my regular clients here in L.A. such as Guess, Mr. Turk and I’m also working on my jewelry line I launched back in January.

DA MAN: Going back even further, all the way to the beginning, can you tell us how you got your start in modeling?
Charlie Matthews: I actually got scouted walking out of my car from the grocery store called Stater Bros. Markets where I used to work at in a small town in Yorba Linda, California. He gave me his card and eventually I did a photoshoot and it got leaked out on social media and that’s how I found my mother agent.

Briefs by Emporio Armani

DA MAN: What was it—campaign shoot, editorial or runway show—that really solidified your position in the business?
Charlie Matthews: Last year definitely set the bar high for me as I worked with some of the top magazines as well as runway shows. I was grateful to get an opportunity to shoot with legendary photographer Bruce Weber for V, with Nicki Minaj for Marie Claire, shoot for Steve Madden and walk in the Moschino show.

Briefs by Emporio Armani

DA MAN: So far, what has been the most unexpected, crazy or otherwise awesome thing you had to do for a photo shoot?
Charlie Matthews: I say the one that stood out the most was shooting with Nicki Minaj for Marie Claire—nude. Never in a million years did I think that something like this would have ever happened. [Laughs]

Briefs by Calvin Klein

DA MAN: Among your more recent fashion shows, there was the one for Moschino’s spring/summer 2017 presentation. How was the experience for you?
Charlie Matthews: It was surreal; it was the first major show I’ve ever done and it was definitely a game changer for me. I’ve worked with Jeremy Scott in the past and having him give me an opportunity to work with him again … I am very humbled.

DA MAN: Now, obviously, what you wore on that show was super colorful with a ton of embellishments. What do you wear for more normal occasions? Occasions where you still want to appear reasonably fashionable, that is…
Charlie Matthews: I like it to keep casual but on special occasions I like dressing in Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Moschino with Versace, or my high-top Aldo boots.

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