Cartier Introduces the new Santos de Cartier

SYMBOL OF MODERNITY – With the new and updated Santos de Cartier, the maison offers a bold take on the legendary timepiece

Close-up of the new Santos de Cartier

Ever since the creation of the Santos de Cartier during what is often called the age of engineering, the watch designed and made specially for Alberto Santos-Dumont established a new set of foundations for contemporary watchmaking. From its revolutionary design to the timepiece’s distinct aesthetic lines, the Santos de Cartier truly symbolized the dawn of a modern era in haute horlogerie. This sense of modernity has then been maintained through the ages as Cartier continues to drive the evolution of the watch as the decades passed. This year, the maison decided that the next logical chapter in the Santos de Cartier’s history would involve a suitably innovative take on a contemporary trend: interchangeable straps.

Personal Touch

The Santos de Cartier was first introduced back in 1904, and throughout the succeeding decades, its character has been maintained most exquisitely. In updating this legendary timepiece, the design studios under Cartier chose to focus on comfort, proportions and utmost respect for the aesthetic of Santos.

A variant of the new Santos de Cartier

For one, the square shape remains unchanged because it echoes the refinement and symmetry of Parisian geometry of the era, as celebrated in the four angular corners of the Eiffel Tower. Next, despite the eight screws on the bezel also remaining unchanged, the design of the bezel itself has been updated to favor the synergy between the lines of the case and the strap. These sleeker lines accentuate the stylistic dynamics that have long been the hallmark of this watch. They were also designed to ensure a perfect fit on the wrist. To that end, the watch has been precisely weighted and measured in order to optimize comfort and ergonomics.

New Endeavor

Moving on, we come to the strap, which has always been one of the defining elements in the history of the Santos de Cartier. The original strap came in leather, a totally new material in watchmaking of the time, and left the wearer free of the restrictions of the pocket watch. For the new Santos de Cartier, Cartier has introduced an innovative strap in keeping with the spirit of today. The new strap for Santos de Cartier caters to modern lifestyles and ease of movement, and on top of that, it can be tailored to suit any occasion with an abundance of material and color options.

Whether in steel, gold, calfskin or alligator leather, all strap varaints are interchangeable thanks to the new Cartier QuickSwitch system hidden under the strap. This invisible mechanism beautifully blends into the structure of the case. In order to engage the system, the wearer simply needs to press on it.

A close look at the Cartier
QuickSwitch system

Another cutting-edge feature in the new Santos de Cartier is the SmartLink self-fitting technology, which adjusts the length of the metal bracelet to the nearest link without the need for special tools. At the touch of a button—located on each SmartLink segment—the bracelet is adjusted to the closest fit by means of hidden buttons which allows links to be added to or removed from the watch.

This example of classic watchmaking meets ingenious inventions perpetuates the spirit, style and hunger for progress embodied by men who change the world like Alberto Santos-Dumont himself. With an update focused on comfort and proportions, the new Santos de Cartier watch offers the kind of progress that has been at the forefront of innovation. From its origin as the revolutionary first wristwatch to its current form enriched with interchangeable bracelets, Santos de Cartier is the perfect accompaniment on the wrist of bold and fearless gentlemen.