Brad Kroenig Talks Karl Lagerfeld & Becoming a Model Father

IN THE BLOOD. Brad Kroenig describes what it is really like to be the muse of a legendary designer and having sons who follow in his footsteps


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Some people inspire others to achieve greatness; others inspire those who have already achieved greatness. American model Brad Kroenig is one of the latter.

As a longtime collaborator of designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld, Kroenig is essentially one of his muses—a source of inspiration much like how a star athlete will inspire a top coach. It would seem, however, that Kroenig has been doing quite a bit of coaching himself, as his two sons—Hudson (who is Lagerfeld’s godson) and Jameson Karl Kroenig (guess where his middle name comes from)—are following in his footsteps. Hudson, in particular, has become a darling of the fashion world ever since he walked for the 2011 Chanel ready-to-wear fashion show in Paris, hand in hand with his father.

Of course, all of this simply serves to show just how good a model Kroenig really is. You don’t become one of “Karl’s boys” by luck and a major brand like Chanel wouldn’t have entertained the idea of having a toddler walk on one of its major runways if it didn’t have complete trust in the father. This is how “an inspiration” actually looks like.


DA MAN: Hi, Brad, great to have you with us. So, the big news this year is that you finally … joined Instagram. What prompted you to finally sign up?
Brad Kroenig: My sons, Hudson and Jameson, finally talked me into it! [Smiles]

DA MAN: Now, last time we checked, more than half of your posts are family pictures or photos of your two sons. How are they doing, by the way?
Brad Kroenig: They are good! They are both really well-rounded, great kids and I’m so proud of them.

DA MAN: Your son Hudson is also quite the fashion star. What’s it like sharing the same line of work with your son so early on?
Brad Kroenig: I think it’s great! Hudson loves to model, especially with Karl, who is his godfather. He has learned so much from all the travel and amazing experiences. He has a passion for it and really enjoys it, so I support it.

DA MAN: Any signs of his brother, Jameson, following in your footsteps as well?
Brad Kroenig: Yes! Jameson did the Chanel show in Rome, Tiffany’s Holiday Campaign and two Lands End shoots. He loves modeling, just like his brother and I. It must be in the blood. [Laughs]

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