Bomberg, a Watch Not Only For the Wrist

TIME TO REBEL. A bold new timepiece that upholds old-school Swiss-made craftsmanship while offering innovation and versatility for today’s generation is here


Tired of the same old timepieces and looking for something new to revamp your collection? Introducing Bomberg, a revolutionary Swiss watch and jewelry brand that has been hitting the market with innovative and bold designs since 2012. Breaking out of the constraints of haute horology to create timepieces that defy aesthetics of the basic template of what a timepiece can be. Bomberg’s watches feature not only bold designs, but also the ability to be transformed into a clock.

Designed for those that need to be different and have every desire to standout like a sore thumb, Bomberg’s timepieces don’t compromise on looks. An iconic detail that helps these watches standout from the rest is its bullhead design, where the crown and chronograph pushers are found on the top of the case, creating an iconic horned profile that creates a vertical symmetry. A side effect of moving the crown to the 12 o’clock position is a case that is quite thicker than usual, but this adds to the uniqueness of the watch’s design. Who wants a thin timepiece around their wrist anyway?

At BaselWorld 2017, Bomberg showcased three new offerings for the rebellious at heart, or for those seeking something unique and different to add to their collection. The new additions are:

.         The Bolt-68 Automatic “Skull Rider”

Never before has a watchmaking brand designed a timepiece specifically for the rebellious biker crowd. The new BOLT-68 “Skull Rider” is available in three limited editions and all with the angst to standout. The “Blackheart” is the darkest of the collection, adorned with contrasting hues of black and vibrant green. The “Hellgold” adds a note of bling to the bad boy-inspired timepiece, creating a unique combination of light and dark. The “Eternity Blue” offers a calmer option to the hellish design of the previous two iterations combining a tranquil blue with dark black. The straps feature silicone spikes to add to the bad boy-biker look of the watch.

.         Bolt-68 Automatic Tartan

The tartan pattern is seen as a symbol of Scottish rebellion against the British monarchy, and in the ’70s was adopted by the punk culture rebelling against social restraints. Bomberg now adopts the tartan to attract all you rebels out there. The collection is available in three different limited editions colors, the red dominated “McQueen,” the blue of “Hood” and the green of “McDonald.” Each timepiece features Bomberg’s exclusive pattern on the strap, dial and bezel, making each watch a true avant-garde piece of work and history.

.         Fixed 1968

The newest timepiece collection to be presented by Bomberg is different from the brand’s other watches, as the Fixed 1968 collection doesn’t offer the interchangeability of the others. This will be the first collection in the brand’s history which does not have the ability to become a pocket or table watch (hence the name “Fixed”). It is also the first collection designed for both men and women. Although the bullhead design remains, the case is not as thick as that in previous watches, making it a perfect fit for those with smaller wrists, without compromising the look of the original timepiece.

This month Bomberg’s extensive collection of timepieces will be available in Indonesia in three different locations. For those in Jakarta can head to Interval at PIK Avenue at Pantai Indah Kapuk or to Top Watch at Plaza Blok M, while those in Surabaya can get their Bomberg timepieces at Time of Perfection at Supermall PTC. All Bomberg watches come with chain and medallion except for the Fixed 1968 collection. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these limited timepieces and show off your rebellious side.