Best Dressed Men at the Crazy Rich Asians Premiere

Nothing is more glamorous than the movies and its parties–be it award shows, charity, tributes, and premiere nights.

The latter showed that glam side with maximum effects last night at the Crazy Rich Asians movie premiere in Los Angeles. The cast, crew and guests did not only embody the spirit of the movie with how they dressed up to the nines, but they definitely showed how fabulous Asians in a party could be.

Look no further, because we list the crazy dapper Asians here for you.

The Dinner Jacket: Henry Golding

Henry Golding in Tom Ford

One of the most timely outfits one can think of when it comes to the glitz of Hollywood and its celebrations. The film’s main love interest, Henry Golding, wore it to perfection, thanks to his physique and that head-turning mint shade.

The Blazer: Kevin Kwan

Kevin Kwan in Etro

Mr. Kwan, the author of the phenomenal book which the film was based on, came like a true classy Asian: wearing a flashy blazer filled with sequins in intricate oriental patterns. If you write it, you sure know how to dress it.

The Double Breasted Blazer: Pierre Png

Pierre Png in Hugo Boss

Another classic selection, but it probably worked even better because it was white and the non-tie look fits the summertime. Singaporean actor Pierre Png worked it flawlessly, and definitely made him stand out.

The Tux: Nico Santos

Nico Santos in Paul Smith

The obvious choice for any formal Hollywood occasion, a perfect tuxedo can deliver strong impressions through little details. Such as Nico Santos with his teal toned set, plus the pins that represented his heritage.

The Suit: John M. Chu

John M. Chu in ESQ Clothing

And then there’s the classic alpha male look, even more appropriately when it’s worn by the director himself, John M. Chu. There’s something called “a power suit”, and in dark violet, this suit screams power and confidence all over.