Ansel Elgort is the face of the New Ralph Lauren Red Rush Cologne

After several years representing Prada, teen heartthrob and movie star Ansel Elgort is now the new face of Polo Red fragrance—and he probably got the gig by simply being, well, him.

Ansel Elgort at the launch of Polo Red Rush

Polo took Ansel under their banner along with the release of their new fragrance, Polo Red Rush. The promotional video for the cologne not only shows him as their new icon, but it mirrored the actor’s recent hit-making and genre-defying role in Baby Driver.

Polo Red Rush promotional video with Ansel Elgort

It started with a party where Ansel locked eyes with the DJ, before hitting up a conversation and took her away on his classic blood red Corvette Stingray – foreshadowing the product, of course. They arrived in his garage filled with various vintage muscle cars and settled to race one another with (of course) Ford Mustangs. The video ended with them go full Thelma and Louise – albeit with a wide grin across their faces.

Not only that the video reflected one of Ansel’s biggest role to date, but he also provided the soundtrack for it as well – making his involvement more complete. Let’s also not to forget that the whole campaign amplified the product wonderfully.

Polo Red Rush

The fourth fragrance in their Polo Red series, Red Rush brings a whole new dimension to the classic Polo Red, with additional distinguishable notes like spearmint, saffron, mandarin and cedar. It’s already available at Ralph Lauren’s web store, priced at $68 for the 2.5 oz and $85 for the 4.2 oz.