5 Items We Love from Asos’ New Big- and Tall-Size Collections

Big thumbs up!



One of fashion-related things that has been going in the right direction lately is diversity in terms of race and also body type. When it comes to promoting the latter, Asos has been doing great work by introducing women’s plus-size and tall categories last year, which have been met with positive responses so far.

More recently, Asos has launched the equally well-received male counterpart of said categories. Both of the categories offer items from Asos’ in-house label and 20 popular brands, including Polo Ralph Lauren, Wrangler, Burton and Ted Baker, for plus-sized (from XXXL to XXXXXL) and tall (6 feet 3 inches and more) men.

Most places selling outfits for big- and/or tall-sized men only carry basic pieces like T-shirts, but Asos’ offerings are on-trend and in-fashion, from souvenir and bomber jackets, camo shirts, denim pieces to graphic T-shirts.

“We wanted the customer to have fashionable product to choose from,” says Nick Eley, Asos’ head of menswear design.

After browsing through the collections, we’ve managed to pick our five favorite items. See them all on the following pages.

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