5 Effective Home Cardio Combination Workout Sets

You would think that cardio has to be done outdoor, while it’s actually doable at home. Be it during winter, COVID-19 self-quarantine or social distancing, this home cardio work out sets will help you get fit any time.

For starters; they’re absolutely free. It’s free of membership fee, free of bad-weather, and perfect for this period of COVID-19 social distancing. That said, all you need is a yoga or exercise mat and a strong will. Whether you have five minutes or two hours, here is DA MAN’s pick of cardio combinations that will amp up your heart rate and leave your body toned and tightened.

High knees and climbers

The first option to kick off your cardio into high gear would be the high knees and climbers. Start by standing and bring your knees high up in a running motion in place, one for each leg. Quickly move to a push-up position and perform one mountain climber on each leg—bringing one knee to as high as your chest, one at a time. Jump back up to standing and you’ve completed one rep.

Repeat each rep five times each to complete one set before allowing your body to rest for up to two minutes. For beginners, repeat this entire series six times, intermediates can try eight, and cardio freaks can have a go of up to 10 times.


Burpees may be tough, but it works. That’s why it is made it in to the list. Start off by standing tall with your feet hip-width apart, then bend both knees, and swing your arms back as you leap as high and as far as possible. Afterwards, there are some variations that you can try.

The easiest one would be after landing, you jump backwards while opening and closing the gap between your feet. For the more complicated, land with your knees bent and place both hands on the floor while stretching your legs to the back so that you end up in a plank position. Get into a push-up position, go back to plank, and jump with both feet back between your hands and return to standing. Immediately repeat as possible for one minute.

Jumping jacks, push-ups, and climbers

Start this intense series with one simple jumping jack, then quickly do one push-up before going to plank position to perform one mountain climber on each leg. Quickly jump back to standing and repeat this series for a total of eight rounds. With set taking around 20 seconds, you can rest for 10 seconds between reps. But try not to rest too much as well as your resting time.

High jumps, star jumps, and tap backs

Making sure you have enough high ceilings in your workout space would be the first step as this series of exercises requires you to jump up in the air. Start with your feet hip width apart and on bent knees, then place your hands on your thighs and prepare for two sets of rocket jumps. Jump as high as you can while at the same time pushing your hands straight above your head and extending your entire body. Repeat for 15 to 24 reps and two total sets.

Next is the star jump. Start in the same position, but when you jump, push your legs and arms into a star shape in the air before landing into the starting position. Perform with the same amount of 15 to 24 reps for two sets.

Complete the series with a set of tap backs in the same number of reps. Start by standing, step your right leg back and swing both arms forward, then repeating it with the opposite leg. Do this as a continuously and rhythmically while keeping your hips and shoulders facing forwards.


Last but not least, what else is more cardio-rific than doing squats? Stand with your feet slightly wider than the usual hip-width apart while engaging your abdominal muscles. Open and expand your chest by pulling your shoulder blades towards each other.

When all is done, bend your knees and push your butt and hips out and down as if you were sitting in a chair. Keep in check that your head and shoulders are aligned over your knees and your knees are aligned over your ankles. You’ll also want to have your thighs parallel to the ground as your knees rotate out during squats. Go back to standing position by straightening your legs.

Take advantage of the one-month #DAREBEE squat challenge to keep things simple. It will start with requiring you to do 100 squats by the end of the day, ending with 600 squats in a day. To prevent from getting an injury and getting the full benefits of squats, make sure your form is in fit condition.

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