3 Products Added to Tom Ford’s Grooming Range

New items include a brow-defining gel for men


Juan Betancourt for Tom Ford


Three years since it was first launched, Tom Ford’s Skincare and Grooming Collection is finally expanding with three additional options: Exfoliating Energy Scrub, Shave Oil and Brow Gelcomb.

As the name suggests, the Exfoliating Energy Scrub is used to scrub away dull-looking skin, making it look more energized and revitalized. Meanwhile, the Shave Oil comes with a lightweight transparent gel that protects and soothes irritated skin while and after shaving.


tom ford exfoliating energy scrubtom ford shave oil
Left: The Exfoliating Energy Scrub;
Right: The Shave Oil


Last but not least is the Brow Gelcomb, which is probably the most unconventional item of the three. It’s used to create the perfect, you guessed it, brows. It’s unconventional because men’s grooming ranges don’t usually come up with brow-shaping product. Then again, there’s a reason why Tom Ford‘s Skincare and Grooming Collection is considered the best luxury men’s grooming range.

The Brow Gelcomb is completed with a comb head that dispenses a small amount of gel, which will work to define your brows. Even if your brows are already thick enough, the Brow Gelcomb will help you tame them to perfection.


tom ford brow gelcomb
Brow Gelcomb


To commemorate the launch of the new products, Tom Ford has also released a new video featuring model Juan Betancourt.



The products will be available starting June, 2016. You can pre-order them on Tom Ford’s official website.