Zenith Steps Into the Future with New and Advanced Precision Technology

THE FUTURE OF HOROLOGY – Defying the laws of gravity, the new Defy Zero G from Zenith heralds the future of haute horlogerie

The Zenith Defy Zero G

Looking back throughout its history of over 150 years, the tale of Zenith is the very stuff of modernity. This is particularly clear in the Swiss brand’s innovation-driven watchmaking and its forward-looking spirit. Perhaps it can be said that Zenith today shares one particularly notable characteristic with its founder, Georges Favre-Jacot, when he established the brand back in 1865: being ahead of time.

Today, bolstered by the iconic El Primero movement, Zenith’s vision of mechanical watchmaking is entering a groundbreaking new era: the world of ultra precision.


First and Foremost

After specializing in high frequency movements for half a century, Zenith is now entering the age of, again, ultra precision. Last year, Zenith wrote the first chapter of tomorrow’s watchmaking with the launch of the Defy El Primero 21—completed with an exceptional hundredth-of-a-second chronograph—and also the very first generation of the Defy lab, the world’s most accurate watch thanks to its new exceptional oscillator.

The open-worked dial of the Zenith Defy G

With a new in-house movement that displays a unique dynamic signature and presents an exclusive innovative architecture with patented materials for extraordinary performance, the Defy takes Zenith’s historical watchmaking expertise and elevates it towards the absolute cutting edge of 21st century horology. This new generation becomes the definitive form of the contemporary image of an authentic Swiss manufacture while respecting the codes of the legendary El Primero chronograph as its futuristic descendant.


A New Frontier

This year, Zenith taps into its futuristic DNA to introduce a new model in the Defy line called the Defy Zero G, with the G standing for gravity. With its downsized and optimized gyroscopic “gravity Control” module in order to increase the watch’s efficiency while also reducing its dimensions, the new Defy Zero g defies the laws of gravity. By maintaining the regulating organ and the balance wheel in a horizontal position, this patented “Gravity Control” gyroscopic module cancels the effects of gravity on the running rate of the watch.

The gyroscopic Gravity
Control module

On top of that, this smaller gyroscope spins majestically at 6 o’clock and basically stages a spectacular show at the heart of a skeletonized and grey-toned El Primero caliber. Powered by the manual winding el Primero 8812s caliber—heir to the legendary 1969 El Primero—this particular in-house movement drives the offset hours and minutes, small seconds and gravity control functions, along with the over 50-hour power-reserve indication.

Power reserve indicator

Moreover, what makes this Defy Zero G even more alluring is the complete look of the watch. With an open-worked dial, this model offers incredible visibility from both sides, while the entirely skeletonized movement makes a striking contrast against the light tone of the five slim branches. The latter, in turn, evokes the Zenith star symbol. Overall, with its modern design, advanced technologies and the expertise of the Zenith manufacture—which draws on 150 years of innovation—the new Defy Zero G from Zenith is definitely a must have item for the urban gentleman living outside of time, ready for bringing tradition into the future and beyond.