Zegna Presents a New, Exclusive Outdoor Capsule Collection

With it comes a new signifier and a Zegna logo which is revealed for the first time ever

Designed with mountaineering and the world of winter sports in mind, Zegna’s new activewear showcase keeps individuality and freedom of thinking as its main goal. The choice of product category is also symbolic: The Zegna road originates in the mountains, and crosses Oasi Zegna, the free access natural territory extending 100 square kilometers in Piedmont, Northern Italy, where the brand was born in 1910 as a consequence of the founder’s green approach. This landscape suggests large open views, and a connection with the elements. This road, known as 232, is the inspiration as it defines the brand’s path, woven into everything it does for over 110 yeas by echoing the essential truth of the founder Ermenegildo to weave the fabric of a tomorrow that feels worthy of dreams.

The capsule collection, therefore, not only implies the mountains and the natural world as a backdrop, but it ignites a sense of liberation. It draws a getaway of sorts: an adventure into the wild winter nature, with that all defining Zegna awareness.

Evolving the craft of tailoring in a luxury leisurewear direction is the road Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori keeps following to reflect the evolving world around us. As the Zegna road can lead in many different directions, such as crossing the boundaries, as long as style and creativity are the purpose and the actions are ethical and responsible, Sartori is resetting the Zegna identity following a clear agenda in which practicality and innovation get a progressive spin on tradition. This capsule adds an element of performing technicality to the world of Zegna.

By involving external partners into unexpected collaborations on specific products, Zegna seamlessly expands the concept of luxury leisurewear to activewear, marking it with its new, dynamic signifier and logo. As the first installment of an ongoing path that can bring other forms of performance into the Zegna world, the capsule is a modular system that includes ski suits and puffers in Techmerino, technical jumpers, trousers and underpinnings, and then caps and helmets to skis and water bottles encompassing a complete wardrobe for outdoor living.

Always in pursuit of excellence, four different product categories have also been explored and designed together with outstanding external partners: Zegna with La Sportiva, Zegna with Zai, Zegna with KASK and Zegna with SIGG.

Zegna and La Sportiva have developed the extremely breathable Air-mesh uppers, the trail running and mountaineering shoes which represents the ideal choice for endurance trails and all types of off-road trails. With KASK, Zegna has designed a new customized version of the iconic Piuma-R ski helmet for snow sports enthusiasts who are looking for the right solution in terms of safety, without compromising on aesthetic. A performance ski with excellent turning properties characterized by its robustness and simple elegance has been realized with Zai. While with SIGG, the original drinking bottle has been redesigned in a black aluminum version customize with the vicuña-coloured signifier.

The collection is available in Zegna’s international retail network, on Zegna.com and at selected wholesalers.