Zac Efron Hosts Netflix’s Docu-series “Down to Earth”

Earlier this July, Netflix released travel documentary series “Down to Earth” on the intersection between environmentalism and travel, featuring Zac Efron as co-host.

Together with wellness expert and entrepreneur Darin Olien, Efron embarked on an inspiring journey around the world to uncover “healthy, sustainable ways to live.” The first season of “Down to Earth” consists of eight episodes, is available on Netflix and features immersive forays to locations such as Iceland and France to Sardinia and London. Delving deep into food, water and energy as the main staples of modern life, both Efron and Olien investigate how sustainability is not just a buzzword but a way of life for these global communities.

Exploring renewable energy alternatives, wildlife conservation, pollution reduction and personal nutrition among other health and science-based hot topics, the duo is on a quest to find a collective solution for the climate crisis, while at the same time highlighting the ways how we can individually improve the planet for future generations.

Aside from relying solely on academic research, both Efron and Olien engage with local experts from each country to understand how their unique cultures and perspectives have sparked innovative ways for sustainable progress that can be applied for all of us to enrich our lives. A dash of adventure is added in every episode to highlight Efron’s love for adventure, from sandboarding in Lima to ziplining in Costa Rica. Several figures such as actress Anna Kendrick and Michelin-starred Spanish Chef José Andrés make appearances to lend their expertise in the series’ most memorable segments.

“Down to Earth with Zac Efron” offers more than just a few hours of fun but also emphasizes something bigger: Championing nature, sustainability, and cleaner living to promote long-lasting change in the world. As Efron stated in the first episod: “the earth will always be here, we just might not be able to live on it for too long.”