With Elemis Skincare Which Powered by Nature-Based Ingredients, You’ll Get Younger and Firmer Looking Skin

Nothing looks better than a well-groomed face.

The number one luxury British skincare brand, Elemis, was founded in 1990 by entrepreneur and investor Linda Steiner, together with Noella Gabriel, Sean Harrington and Oriele Frank. The brand took the world by storm and rapidly expanded into new markets, particularly the U.S., with the brand establishing its headquarters in New York. Now, Elemis has landed in Jakarta at Plaza Indonesia.

The brand presents an innovative blend of science with the chemistry of nature, carefully crafted by a dedicated team of explorers, scientists, and skincare experts. Of particular note, Elemis’ Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Serum is a cutting-edge serum powered with a rainbow of marine algae and plant actives, and precious Rhodochrosite Quartz that leaves the skin looking smoother, firmer and younger.

Find Elemis at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.

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