Why Night Cream Is Important – And Which to Choose

To Each His Own – Our skin works differently during the day and night. When the sun is up, our skin works to protect itself from environmental factors (UV rays, pollution, etc.), while at night, it works to repair and regenerate itself.

Haruns Maharbina, Primawan Hakim, Manoel Orfanaki, Nivea, Kiehl's, Sisley

That’s why skincare companies offer specialized products for day and night. Creams, gels, oil or serums for the day are usually designed to protect the skin from environmental hazards it’s bound to face. The consistency of these products are also lighter because many people apply makeup during the day. Conversely, night products tend to be richer in texture, stay longer on the skin and contain more active ingredients. Also, night products are usually geared for anti-aging purposes. This, however, does not mean that a night cream is better; it’s just tailored differently to suit the skin’s biorhythm.

Nivea Men’s Active Age Night Regenerator Moisturizer refines and firms the skin. The “6” on the bottle represents the benefits of the product: it moisturizes the skin, regenerates it during the night, strengthens, firms up the skin, improve contours and visibly reduce wrinkles.

Using Sisley’s Phyto-Complex LC12, Sisley’s Supremÿa la Nuit extends the lifespan of skin cells and significantly increases cell resistance, making the face firmer. This smooth-textured product is designed to be massaged onto the skin so that it can be gradually absorbed.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery collection is made to restore your skin while you sleep. Consisting of a facial oil, cleansing oil and eye cream (pictured), the collection has been infused with lavender essential oil that is known to promote sleep and a host of other ingredients for all-round care.

Photography Haruns Maharbina
Styling Primawan Hakim
Model Manoel Orfanaki