Where to Find Puma X Michael Lau Sneakers in Indonesia

SMOOTH SUEDE SHOES. A week following the launch of the Puma X Michael Lau suede shoes, you can now find these limited edition sneakers in Indonesia at Dope & Dapper, Gandaria City

The Puma X Michael Lau suede sneakers with the Worth Cat Mascot

Streetwear specialist Boutique, Dope & Dapper has once again brought in a limited edition pair of sneakers to cater to the desires of Indonesia’s ever-growing sneakerhead community. After reviving the Vans name in Indonesia and making the highly anticipated Vans X Fear Of God sneakers readily available to sneakerheads, the store has recently announced the availability of the Puma X Michael Lau suede sneakers. This news comes one week after the actual launch of the sneakers in Hong Kong. This fully suede sneaker was created in part to celebrate 50 years of Puma Suede.

Michael Lau in front of a quartet of Worth Cats

For those of you who don’t know, Michael Lau is a renowned artist from Hong Kong, who is credited as being the founder of urban vinyl style toy figures. His figurines aren’t your run-of-the-mill action figures you would find in a toy store, but uniquely crafted works in vinyl, heavily based on the urban styles of today. Many of his designs are sought after by toy enthusiasts.

The prototype inspired sneaker was designed to give the impression that the wearer was donning rare sample shoes, hence the zig zag detailing along the formstripe, lacing and tongue of the shoe, something often found on yet to be finalized shoe prototypes. To add to the prototype theme of the shoe, the words “50 Sample Suede Not For You Only For Me” is embossed on the outer heel of the shoe. A creative addition to the sneaker is the kanji character for sample is featured on the tongue and sockliner.

A closer look at the details of the sneakers

Not only the sneaker but the package you receive upon purchasing these sneakers have been carefully thought out to become collector’s items that are sure to excite. From the Worth Cat mascot (a limited edition figurine specially designed by Lau based off of the Puma logo) and Puma’s signature arches in contrasting greys that decorating the box to the Michael Lau autographed Worth Cat statuette you receive inside the box sill stir your enthusiasm.

Fajar Nugraha, Christina Jennifer, DJ Throoper, Arno Fanboy, Michael Tju
and Yohan Jufri at Dope & Dapper, Gandaria City, Jakarta

To celebrate the arrival of these limited edition sneakers, Dope & Dapper held a small event that featured several local celebrities, sneakerheads and DJ Throoper decked out in his Stormtrooper outfit.