What You Need to Do to Avoid Catching Coronavirus

It’s understandable how the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic raises your concerns for your health. Don’t panic. Here are the things we can do daily to avoid catching the Coronavirus.

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Wash Your Hands Frequently

It all stems from the hands: Experts agree that washing your hands frequently with the duration of 20 seconds (which is equivalent to singing “Happy Birthday” twice, is one of the most important acts in preventing contracting the virus and the virus spread.  It is highly recommended that you specifically change any ordinary soap to antibacterial cleanser, and pay attention to your nail beds, fingertips, and spaces between finger.

Stop Touching Your Face

While it is possible to be infected by breathing droplets or virus through someone who sneezes or coughs, the virus’ spread through the air doesn’t last as long as they do on surfaces. The infection could occur immediately by a single touch to your face, eyes, nose, and mouth. Put aside the fact that you frequently wash your hands or use hand sanitizers; get yourself disinfectant wipes and try to wipe down surfaces around you.

Keep a Distance

While this may seem like an “unfriendly” measure, experts believe that maintaining at least three feet or a metre is what constitutes far enough distance between “yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing”, according to World Health Organization (WHO). Have you found your alternative greeting to the conventional handshake and cheek kiss? World Health Organization Director General Dr. Tedros has practised putting his hand on his heart.


Feeling a different type of “not feeling well”? But not so fast! When you think you’re merely getting a mild cold or flu symptoms, do not run immediately to your doctor or a health care facility since they can’t do much for you and the chance of you contaminating both others and the facility itself. Should you start to feel ill, be a lad and stay home plus stay out of public areas to avoid spreading the sickness. And when it’s really necessary to go out, this is when you actually need a face mask so you don’t infect others.

Face Mask Is Not Your Top Priority To Stock Up

It’s understandable if you feel the need to do your monthly shopping sooner and a little bit extra, but try focusing on the more essentials such as food and antiseptics. As for the masks; Should you start to feel ill, be a lad and stay home plus stay out of public areas to avoid spreading the sickness. , it doesn’t have to be your top priority since it has virtually no protective value for healthy people. Leave them on the shelves for those who truly need it.

Stay Healthy & Keep Your Immune Level High

Above all the aforementioned things, contraction, as well as the recovery, strongly depends fundamentally on your health condition and the strength of the immune system. What many people didn’t know is that the high death toll, as well as the infected, was due to most victims were either already old and or already have a health problem.  Don’t forget to exercise, take your vitamins, drink as much water as you can and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Always Carry Hand Sanitizers

It’s already a known fact that nothing beats washing your hand with soap, but just in case, hand sanitizer comes as the handy on-the-go alternative. Experts recommends an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol (for example, Purell has 70 percent of alcohol). The virus won’t die instantly after the contact, so in order to use it properly, you have to rub it completely around your hands for 10-15 seconds. Just like washing your hands, pay attention to your fingertips, fingernails, and spaces between your fingers. For extra luxe feel, here are some sanitizers we’d recommend you to get:

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