What We Learned From New York Men’s Fashion Week 2019: Part 1

The last of the big four to held their menswear fall/winter 2019/20 collection, New York was swarmed with excellent pieces. Of course heralding them further as the kings of streetwear and urban sharp, NYC showed the best of modern fashion – some may even be stereotyping.

We start our report by stating the obvious New York staples,

Huff and Puff

Top: Tom Ford, Sundae School, Helmut Lang
Bottom: John John, Todd Snyder, Boss

One of the most sought fashion item this season, along with their rise among lux streetwear fans, the puffer jackets of New York appear in their most generic iteration. Either its short or long, and it does its job.

Denim More

Top: Jeremy Scott, N. Hoolywood, John Elliott
Bottom: John John, Helmut Lang, Dirty Pineapple

Denim on denim is both timeless and very much American made. And obviously once brought to the Big Apple, the bravado and experiments made it an metropolitan fashion statement.

Trail Blazer

Top: Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Zadig & Voltaire
Bottom: Joseph Abboud, Landeros, Todd Snyder

End and early year is also the perfect time for attending award shows, gala dinners or charity events. And if a tuxedo is too crooning and West Coast, then snazzy blazers worked well here in NY.

Hobo Chic

Top: Joseph Abboud, Todd Snyder, Robert Geller
Bottom: Calvin Luo, Laquan Smith, Dirty Pineapple

Could be a satire of the city itself, or simply just a trend that’s been under our noses – and never realized. Yes, layering up in multiple fabrics like a homeless person apparently has its own swagger. Thanks, Jonah Hill!

*Continued to Part 2