Web Exclusive Feature: Award Winning Actor, Writer and Producer Calum Worthy

YOUNG VETERAN – A working actor since he was a child, Calum Worthy has grown  into one of the industry’s most versatile and hardworking figures.

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Back in 2010, Calum Worthy was having a great television season. His sci-fi series “Stormworld” got great reviews which lead to Worthy himself being nominated for a Leo Award and two Young Artist Awards–he ended up winning the Leo and a YA. What’s funny is that while Worthy alum might be young, he’s actually a seasoned professional actor.

Worthy first acted in the horror anthology series “Night Visions” back in 2000 when he was only nine years old. Ever since his debut, Worthy has acted in more than 50 titles, which includes appearances in popular series such as “Kyle XY,” “Smallville,” “Psych” and “Supernatural.” He’s also acted in some of the most popular young adult films of the past decade, like “The Little Mimzy,” “Deck the Halls” and “Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.”

Shirt by The People VS; flannel and jeans by Soulstar; shoes by Greats
Shirt and flannel by Soulstar; pants by Paraval

Even if the critically acclaimed “Stormworld” was not renewed for a second season, it opened the doors for Worthy to join one of the world’s most recognizable brands: Disney. The following TV season, Worthy started his long run playing Dez in the comedy series “Austin and Ally” along with other projects within the network. And his work wasn’t limited to just in front of rolling cameras. He took up writing and producing, in particular for two Disney distributed series, the reality TV prank show “Just Kidding” and his personal ambitious project, “The Coppertop Flop Show.”

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In recent years, Worthy has taken on much more mature roles. Series such as “Cassandra French’s Finishing School,” “Lost Generation,” “Liberty Crossing,” and the Netflix sensation “American Vandal” stretched Worthy’s resume into adulthood. Meanwhile, on the bigger screen, his indie drama “Bodied” was received well by the critics, and another film where he acts alongside industry seniors Demi Moore and Ed Helms, “Corporate Animals,” is already in post-production.

Now, nearing the two decade mark of his career, the young actor with a mile-long resume is ready to tackle even bigger roles. One of them is joining Marvel’s expanded family to play Speedball, a mutant in their upcoming series, “New Warriors.” It’s interesting to see what the young and experienced talent has to offer in the future.

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