Virgil Abloh Presents Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse New Classics

Virgil Abloh presents the new classics for the Louis Vuitton men’s leather goods range: four bags that reinvent the concept of leather goods by embracing the bodies, movements, and attitudes of contemporary masculinity.

How do you transform an icon into a new classic? How do you create an item that is both desirable and suited to the needs of the era, while remaining faithful to the spirit and design codes of the brand? Virgil Abloh has the answer: by very slightly altering – three percent will suffice, he assures us – and updating the item.

In order to devise the new Men’s leather goods range, the designer therefore delved into the Maison’s archives and decided to rework and redesign three iconic Louis Vuitton bags: the chic Steamer, originally created in 1901, has been reinterpreted as a new business bag that is elegant, fashionable and functional.

Steamer PM in Monogram Eclipse

The Soft Trunk, a shining example of Louis Vuitton’s trunk-making tradition, has retained some of its signature details – such as its metallic finishes – but now comes in a supple leather version that hugs the body more harmoniously. A detachable shoulder strap composed of a matte-effect resin chain and a leather strap further enhances its versatility.

Soft Trunk in Monogram Eclipse

The Soft Trunk is also available in a miniature version, the mini Soft Trunk, which takes its flirtation with urban and sportswear use even further.

Mini Soft Trunk in Monogram Eclipse

The small yet capacious Pochette Volga – which can hold up to three mobile phones – is also a hybrid design featuring a detachable chain handle that can be used either as a small bag or a fashionable wallet.

Pochette Volga in Monogram Eclipse

The permanent editions of these four bags have now been released in the Monogram Eclipse range, and will be included in all Virgil Abloh’s collections for Louis Vuitton Men from Fall/Winter 2019-2020 onwards.

All carry his new signature: riveted flowers.

Materials and colours will evolve with the catwalk shows, collections and pre-collections, unveiling a new vision of Men’s leather goods: an accessory that, far from being an inflexible, unchanging shape, is now designed and experienced as a garment able to embrace the diversity of bodies, movements and attitudes that make up contemporary masculinity.

Steamer PM in Monogram Eclipse | Soft Trunk in Monogram Eclipse | Mini Soft Trunk in Monogram Eclipse | Pochette Volga in Monogram Eclipse