Virgil Abloh Announces The Global Release of Region-Specific Louis Vuitton’s 408 Trainers

Virgil Abloh just recently announced that LV’s 408 trainers are to go on a special global release, where the luxury sneaker will have a exclusive region-specific versions made. Destinations that will welcome the release are Seoul, New York, London, Paris, Milan, Chicago, Dubai, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Through his Twitter, Abloh teases that each shoe will have its own color way of luggage tag and shoe laces in order to represent different region drops. Chicago will be coded by the color of bright orange, New York with dark blue, London with yellow, Paris light blue, Milan with pink, Dubai with dark green, Shanghai with teal, Seoul with red and Tokyo with purple.

All the sneakers are made of 106 individual components in Italy with six hours of stitching. Check out Abloh’s tweet for the release date for each cities across the globe.