Vidi Aldiano is His Own Boss

VENI VIDI VICI. Vidi Aldiano talks about his forthcoming album and his roadmap to success with Joezer Mandagi


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Outfit by Gucci


Musician, singer and young entrepreneur Vidi Aldiano still pops up regularly on various news channels, but it has been quite a while since we heard of any new major release in the works. But fear not, Indonesian music lovers, for this year he’s back in the business of making new music and putting together a new album. “Last year I’ve just returned from getting my master’s degree, and when I got back to Indonesia I was eager to apply all that I’ve learned directly into actual businesses,” he begins. “I still sing, but I’ve been more focused on my startups. And in 2016 I want to get back to my musical album.”

However, this isn’t your usual case of a musician branching out to other lines of work and then returning to music once everything’s in place. On the one side, it’s exactly like that: 2015 saw Aldiano focus on building up his own record label management, a clothing line and even a restaurant; and now, as everything is pretty much running on its own, he can shift his focus back to music. On the other hand, everything’s hinting at an incredibly meticulous launch plan.


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Outfits by Paul Smith


“There will be numerous activities that will support the album,” Aldiano, who holds a degree in entrepreneurship and recently completed his master’s in innovation management and entrepreneurship, explains. “In 2016, I want my album to be supported by creative groups from beyond music. So, I’m now organizing a campaign with other creative industries outside of music.” Then he adds how it all went back to his efforts from last year. “I met a lot of people who are entrepreneurs and ‘creativepreneurs.’ Being exposed to people like that made me feel that I can cooperate with them to support my musical career. And all this happened right in time for 2016 when I wanted to create a new album. So, the seeds for all this came from networking back in 2015.”

This kind of long-term perception has actually been Aldiano’s trademark from the very beginning. When he first started working together with an actual record label. “I said that I didn’t want them to sign me up as an artist,” he recalls. “I wanted it to be a joint-venture, fifty-fifty.” This also provided the opportunity for Aldiano to learn the ins and outs of the music industry, “so that I could apply all that when I was done with my education and when I would return with my own label,” he shares. “This plan has been quite long in the making.”


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Outfit by Lanvin


Education, by the way, has always been his number one priority. He even describes earning his degrees as career-defining milestones. “Basically, I’m like my own CEO,” he describes. “I think of myself as a brand and I have the company to manage that brand. what I’ve learned when studying for my bachelor’s and master’s degree, so much of it can be applied here. And it’s not just the knowledge, but also the people I’ve met that are also important. I really believe that networking is important and that you can’t go wrong with networking in the academic world.”

It certainly helps that he’s a tough-minded workaholic. At one point he mentioned how 2015 has been incredibly hectic as it was “a very serious year,” so he was grateful for the chance to catch up with everything he’s been missing. But then he continues: “This year, even though my schedule ended up being a lot tighter and I’m incredibly tired since I can be at a workshop from six in the afternoon till seven in the morning, somehow it feels like a holiday to me. Physically, I’m tired, but it’s very refreshing because it’s been a while since I’ve been in a recording studio, being surrounded by real musicians.”


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Left: Outfit by Hugo Boss;
Right: Outfit by Ermenegildo Zegna


If anything, the world of entrepreneurship is—and has always been—Aldiano’s goal. That being said, he also states that “music will always be my passion.” And what can fans expect from his renaissance this year? “I released my last album when I was still technically in my teens,” he points out, “and now as I’m in my twenties, which is for me a turning point from being a teenager to becoming a young adult, in terms of content and themes, everything is going to be a lot more mature.”

What’s more, this time around he’s also involved in producing, arranging and songwriting. “In the past, if I had eight songs, I could have 8 arrangers on board,” he goes on. “But for this third album where I’ll have, God willing, nine songs, all will be produced by me and my three best friends. So, we have a team of four: there’s Nino RAN as well as Lale and Ilman from Maliq & D’Essentials.” With one solid team handling the entire album, the more likely that it will be one coherent aural experience.

It would certainly seem that Vidi Aldiano’s return to music will be a grand one. So far, he’s pretty much covered the “veni” and “vidi” parts—he came (back) to the field and he certainly saw a clear path to his goal. Will he be able to say “vici,” though? Will it be a swift victory? Only time will tell… Although as always, fate favors the prepared, no?



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