Versace Releases Dylan Blue Fragrance

The new fragrance is the true embodiment of the Versace man today


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The above statement about being the true embodiment of the Versace man comes from Versace’s matriarch herself, Donatella Versace. She furthermore describes Dylan Blue as “a fragrance full of character and individuality, an expression of a man’s strength and also his charisma.” As to her own impression of it, she has this to say: “I love how it takes traditional notes and scents and makes them totally modern, totally fresh for today and tomorrow.”

The Dylan Blue fragrance features a rich bouquet composed of a multitude of individual notes: There’s Calabrian bergamot, grapefruit, fig leaves, several decidedly aquatic notes, violet leaves, papyrus wood, ambrox, patchouli bio, mineral musk, tonka bean, saffron, black pepper and Pyrogéné incense. All of these fragrances are then wrapped up in a bright blue and gold bottle featuring the iconic symbol of Versace—the head of Medusa.


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Meanwhile, for the Dylan Blue campaign, Versace reunites with famed photographer Bruce Weber to shoot both the campaign photos and a short film featuring models Trevor Signorino and Gigi Hadid—two veterans from Versace’s fall/winter 2016 campaign. Interestingly, the black and white film had the two models portrayed as fighters facing each other while also being in love at the same time.

“I’ve been watching lots of movies lately where the actors are Mixed Martial Arts fighters. It seems like they are always proving themselves, so that the women characters will fall in love with them. I thought it would be interesting to do some photographs and make a film that dealt with this kind of relationship,” Weber says of the campaign’s theme. “Many women I know really respect the sensitivity and vulnerability of men. I wanted to show that men can have these qualities while remaining very strong and disciplined—like great athletes—and still fall in love with the girl of their dreams.” Then he concludes, “For me, Versace has always represented this kind of driving passion.”




Apart from the fragrance, Dylan Blue also branches out to the brand’s bath and body line with products such as aftershave lotion, perfumed deodorant and perfumed bath and shower gel.



Text: Dian Arthen