Valentino does Sportswear the Right Way

SPORTY TRADITION. Valentino blends tradition with sportswear, and brings in a refreshed new logo on its spring/summer 2018 offerings


Under the guiding hands of Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino Men brings in a spring and summer collection based on sports- and street-wear. There were no suits on the brand’s runway this season; no silk ties or dress shoes. Instead, there were track jackets, anoraks and running shoes. But what the collection lacked in sartorial finesse, it more than made up with through rich craftsmanship and tradition, which were imbued with savvy geometrical patterns for a very distinctive summer look.


In hindsight, this was what Valentino is all about this spring and summer: Self-expression, or in the house’s own words: “The research of a personal equilibrium.” To this end, Piccioli was heavily inspired by Carl Jung’s archetypes and his clothes are embellished with embroidery inspired by cultures from around the world. These touches were seen on everything from jacket sleeves to messenger bags. Even sporty pieces like tracksuits were given a folksy stroke with the addition of white beads and contrasting white stitching.

What Piccioli did here was something very avant-garde. Not only did he infuse street wear with sporty details, he imparted it with fine craftsmanship that felt very in touch with tradition. In other words, it felt profoundly human.




Top-to-bottom looks were traced with spellbindingly crafty details that arerich and delicate. Running shoes—a definite highlight of the collection—were introduced in vibrant colors of textiles and accessorized with tassels, traditional patterns and zig-zag shapes; while accessories like the tote bag feature colorful beads stitched at the front.

Some accessories and clothes also featured Valentino’s new logo: VLTN, drawn from the house’s archives from the ’80s. This was seen plastered on various T-shirts, backpacks and jumpers, which are definitely eye-catching. Piccioli himself expressed that it was an approach specifically meant to appeal to younger audiences. And if that’s the direction that the house is taking, it’s safe to say that future generations will be in good hands under Valentino.