Uplifting Face Treatment by Lab Series

BREATH OF LIFE. Ever get that annoying feeling your face seems to just hang heavily? Well that’s the kind of sensation that Lab Series tries to tackle with its latest offering

Breath of Life

Dubbed the Pro LS All-in-One Face Cleansing Gel and the Pro LS All-in-one Face Hydrating gel, the two products are designed to make your face feel simply weightless. “Anyone that’s been surfing, or has ever done anything in the ocean, knows there’s definitely a feeling of weightlessness that you get when you’re out on the water,” said surfer and Lab Series brand ambassador Luke Davis. The Cleansing Gel is used to rinse off dead skin cells before application of the Hydrating Gel which, in turn, locks the moisture in your face, giving you an instantaneous cooling and refreshing sensation.

Lab Series