Under-Eye Masks: Benefits and Recommendations

QUICK AND EASY –  There are many solutions to help us get rid of dark circles and puffiness around our eyes. There’s the natural path (e.g., tea bags) as well as the modern-day approach (e.g., gels, creams and serums). And then there are under-eye masks and patches.

Think of these as lying somewhere between tea bags and eye gels. While it does not work as well as eye creams, under-eye masks serve as a quick and easy solution to counteract the negative effects of dehydration, sun exposure, irritation and poor sleep on the area under your eyes. By cooling this area, under-eye masks de-puff, rehydrate and smoothen the skin, making it look a lot more refreshed and bright. So, if you have, say, an early meeting and just had a long night the day before (of working or partying), under-eye masks can definitely help you look your best.


Affordable and offered in a pack that with another set of masks for different parts of your body (including Neck & Collarbone or Smile Line), Innisfree’s Anti-Aging Eye Mask helps the skin become more resilient. It works on wrinkles around the eyes and deals with dull skin tone.

Dr. Jart

Dr. Jart’s Jet Cheek & Eye Lift is a hydrogel patch that has a proven track record of diminishing fine lines around the eyes and also the cheeks. It contains volufiline, a synergetic ingredient derived from plants extract, which helps lift and tighten sagging skin.

ShiseidoShiseido’s Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask is made exclusively to “steam press” away wrinkles. In just 15 minutes after application, your skin will feel more refined, making the area around the eye feel vibrant and awake.


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