Travel: Jen Orchardgateway Caters to the Young and Young-at-Heart

THE JEN’S CLUB. An entire hotel catering to the young and young-at-heart is a new concept offered by Jen Hotels of the Shangri-la Group.




Its first establishment in the world is Jen Orchardgateway (227 Orchard Road, Singapore; +65 6708 8888; that stands 20 stories high, smack bang in the Lion City’s thoroughfare. It stands on the plot previously occupied by the Phoenix Hotel and now features all the sophisticated amenities that the average millennial can hardly live without. Free Wi-Fi? Check. Smartphone chargers? Check. A gorgeous rooftop swimming pool for “Instamoments”? Check. With the endless arrays of shopping boutiques literally next door, the Jen Orchardgateway is the gateway to a fabulous weekend escape.