“Transformers” Producer Tom DeSanto Sits Down With Actor Pedro Correa

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Tom DeSanto: Yeah. There is an interesting conversation that I had as a 20-something kid doing [the first] “X-Men” and it was with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, and I asked them what attracts an actor to a part. They looked at each other for a second and they smiled. Ian said, “Patrick, do you  want to answer it or should I?” Patrick looked at me and said, “Actors love parts that frighten them.” And I asked Patrick, “Well, what frightens you about playing Professor Xavier?” And he’s like, “because whenever Xavier is in the room everything has to be okay, and the audience and the X-Men have to feel like everything is under control and it’s all going to be alright, and I have to do that from a wheelchair.” And what is the first impression you get when you see someone in a wheelchair on a human level? Is that, “oh, I need to help that person,” “that person needs assistance” or “what can I do to make their life easier?” And I thought, “Wow, I have read that comic since I was a kid. Now I’m a writer on the film but I never saw it from that perspective.” So, in an “actor-ly way,” what would be those things that would frighten you if you’ve got them in a part?
Pedro Correa: Addiction, sexuality, and love are my next self-prescribed fears to explore as an actor. I recently attended a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, as part of behavioral research for a role I’m playing. I came out of the experience realizing that I wasn’t observing these “addicts” from an outside perspective at all. I saw myself in every single person in that room. I walked out thinking, “Wow, we’re all addicted, whether it’s to TV, spending, gambling, eating, anything.” That scared me big time.

Tom DeSanto: What anyone who is a real artist does, is that they sort of explore that aspect of the human condition. You know, there’s a weird thing where it does make your soul, for the lack of a better word, evolve. 
Pedro Correa: Yes, it does. Empathy is essential to telling stories that are bigger than you.

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Tom DeSanto: For me, what is really interesting is in what I see in you. You have this crazy potential. But if you had a time machine and go back even five years and tell your high school self something, what would you tell that kid?
Pedro Correa: Make more mistakes, because the more courageous you are, the more you grow. You’ll find out whether it’s a dream or a nightmare very quickly. And even if it is the nightmare, my God, looking back at that, you’ll be so proud of yourself. Proud to know you were brave. I’d say, do it now before you’re a day older.

Tom DeSanto: Well, I know you’ve made a bunch of new fans through this interview and if they want to look for things you’re doing next, what should they be looking out for from you in the future?
Pedro Correa: I’m developing a feature film, “Postal.” It’s a crime drama about a teenage painter who is allured into trafficking through the dark net, but when the DEA intervenes, he’s forced to confront his addiction. I’m writing, directing and starring in “Postal.” As the script is being developed, I’ve began directing the concept trailer to pitch to studios. It’s complete reverse engineering, but has been a great exploration in developing the visual style and tone for the film. “Postal” is my masterpiece. I’m planning on a premiere in 2018. I’m also in post-production on a pilot I star in, “Ex-Bros.” It’s a buddy comedy about two brothers and best friends, Davey and Feather, who discover they have different dads and decide to go on a quest to find Davey’s missing father. I wrote and produced the project with a couple of my good friends. After our last project, “Drive 2: The Uber Years,” went viral, we were able to crowd-fund “Ex-Bros” on Kickstarter.

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