“Transformers” Producer Tom DeSanto Sits Down With Actor Pedro Correa

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Tom DeSanto: Yeah, it’s got to be a little bit of a shell shock when you go from one culture with a certain set of norms for sense of humor or freedom of speech and then you’re going into another culture where there’s different rules and different, sort of, culture shackles…
Pedro Correa: Totally. But it really lit a fire under me, and from then on I decided I’d tell stories for the rest of my life. Before starting my junior year in Perú, I traveled to New York to study acting that summer. Then I flew to L.A. for about a month to continue acting classes.

Tom DeSanto: So, you’re in L.A. For anyone reading this interview who’s never been to L.A., what are the first things you notice? What is the energy like, what made you want to get back to L.A.?
Pedro Correa: It was starry-eyes unlimited. For a 15-year-old kid fresh out the Middle East it was the twilight zone. Walking ocean side and seeing giant medical marijuana leaves dangling all over the place, people skateboarding shirtless, public drinking—which is still illegal here, but no one cares. All this made me realize that I can say anything I want in this town. And yet, I’ll still be the conservative one here. After that summer, I moved in with my dad to finish high school in Perú, and as soon as I did, I dove head first into L.A. and have been living here since I was 17.

Pedro Correa and Tom DeSanto

Tom DeSanto: How do you see where you want to go over the next year, the next five years, the next ten years?
Pedro Correa: If I’m not in someone else’s film, I’m making my own. In the next year, I’ll be developing and starring in my first self-produced full-length film. In the next ten years? I’d love to co-star beside Matthew McConaughey in a Christopher Nolan film. Dream big!

Tom DeSanto: How would you sort of define that intangible thing that people know as talent?
Pedro Correa: Being born talented … that’s bullshit. Natural talent may exist to a degree, but at the end of the day it’s just hard work, making mistakes and having the balls to fail so that you continue to grow. Work as hard as you can until you’re sick of it, you know?

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