“Transformers” Producer Tom DeSanto Sits Down With Actor Pedro Correa

SPRING IS HERE. As California’s signature balmy weather settles over Palm Springs, Pedro Correa takes us on a journey chronicling the many, many ways to spend all the days of spring in style


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With the photo shoot wrapped up, writer and producer Tom DeSanto (known for, among others, the “X-Men” and “Transformers” movie series) sits down for a chat with the young actor.

Tom DeSanto: So, Pedro, you’re a kid who traveled the globe and ended up in lovely Los Angeles chasing your dream. How do you go from being a kid born from parents from two different parts of the planet, to being all the way out here in Los Angeles?
Pedro Correa: Well, I constantly bounced back and forth from Perú with my dad and Seattle with my mom until I was about 13. Just before high school, my mom called me up one day and was like, “Hey do you want to move to the Middle-East?” and I was like, “No.” And she was like, “Well, too bad!” We flew to Qatar shortly thereafter, and I lived there for two years. Serious geographic ADD.

Tom DeSanto: That had to be a little bit of a culture shock. 
Pedro Correa: Censorship. The biggest shock to me was censorship. I remember my high school director forcing me to delete films I had produced, because freedom of speech wasn’t so free in Qatar. I created a short film poking fun at Qatari law and posted it online. It had tens of thousands of eyes on it overnight … not to mention a slew of death threats written in Arabic.

Tom DeSanto: And how did that all resolve itself? Did it just take time?
Pedro Correa: Not so much. It escalated to where I had people starting fistfights with me not only because of my films, but because I was American. The director of my school came to our house and told my mom that I was in danger. I was on a plane to South America six hours later.

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