Tips for Men: Hair Treatments

BRAT HAIR DAY. Hair is the crown of women, whereas for men it’s a matter of pride. Ideally, everyone desires to have a healthy and lush crown. Issues such as hair loss, dandruff or oily hair can pile up and create a time bomb.

The tropical heat and high stress level worsen the condition, not to mention air pollution. But there are preventive actions to heed to improve things up there, right gentlemen? As easy as one, two, three, begin with identifying the type of your hair: Is it oily, dry, or the combination of both? You may afterwards consult to a hair care specialist or else try some products that will nourish and quite possibly repair the damage done to your hair. Mind you, the result is seldom immediate, and you might have to experiment with new stuff out there, too. For a roundup on selected hair treatments available in the market, here are our secrets to men’s beautiful hair.

Excellent for energizing the hair and refreshing the scalp is the Energic Hair Lotion from L’Oréal Professionnel Homme. Ice mint and ginseng as the basic ingredients give off zinging cool feel every time you apply it on. The full range of men’s hair care and styling products are sold in exclusive salons and several barbershops.

Erha expands their skincare line to the hair turf by introducing a new range catered to solving hair problems with natural ingredients. Called Erhair, the series includes daily nourishing shampoo and anti-hair loss tonic. These will optimize hair nourishment, reduce hair loss, and stimulate growth of healthy hair stubs.

Pour some love to the hair roots after you finish washing your hair. Clear carries a new hair care line for men, with the Daily Scalp Tonic combining the root strengthening and the anti-dandruff formulas. Give a quick massage afterwards to ensure that your hair gets the most out of the treatment.

Releasing its first eco-conscious hair products, The Body Shop takes the best from nature as an alternative to chemicals. Consisting of Rainforest Moisture, Shine, Radiance and Balance shampoo, the products highlight organic oil from Amazon rainforest as the natural hair conditioner. The shampoo packaging, by the way, is biodegradable.