Tips for Men: BB Cream

CREAM DE LA CRÈME. The desire to be perfect sometimes leads to white lies. With dull complexion, uneven skin tone or fine lines, women are not the only ones who have secrets to hide.



Taking the beauty world by storm, the BB cream—originated in Germany as a post-treatment solution to conceal scars for those who had undergone a surgical procedure—has become a global phenomenon. Now, the modern-day five-in-one formula is used for cosmetic purposes and serves to protect the skin while enhancing complexion. With three solutions suitable for men, these BB creams prove that a little white lie to conceal the slightly-less-attractive truth wouldn’t harm anyone.

Clinique 2

Like a daily dose of uplifting, the Clinique Age Defense BB Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 provides the much-needed boost. Start your day on the right foot with a thin layer of the antioxidants-packed moisturizer, which minimizes the insidiously creeping effects of aging while correcting imperfections. Keeping the faith has its rewards, for with continued application, fine lines and wrinkles are gradually diminished.

Biotherm Homme


Protecting the skin against pollution, brown spot-inducing UV rays and other harmful elements, the Biotherm Homme Instant Great Skin BB Cream with SPF50/PA+++ hides blemishes, blackheads and wrinkles like a kid hides his lunch money from a schoolyard bully. Formulated for Asian skins, the all-in-one solution provides all-day
hydration without clogging pores. The ultra-light tinted texture gives a subtle dewy sheen, while its matte effect prevents the skin from looking like an oil mine, resulting in a natural makeup-free finish.

Tony Moly

Tracing back to the scene of the initial cosmetic BB cream explosion, the Tony Moly brand is one of the founding fathers of the Korean BB cream. Now with a formulation developed specifically for men, the Dandy Guy Moisture BB Cream with SPF30/PA++ proves that there’s nothing like an original to blow knock-offs out of the water. The water-based formula adheres to the surface of the skin for a longer-lasting wear and protection without the tacky texture.