Tips For Cutting Your Own Hair During Self Isolation

A trip to the barbershop might not be feasible for quite a while. So, in the meantime…

As we go further into social-distancing and self-isolation, it’s time to admit that your hair won’t look as pristine as it used to be and your beard wont be as well-trimmed. As barbershops around the city has closed down due to the pandemic, now the fate of your hair lies in your own two hands. Regular men go to the barbershop at least every two weeks for a trim and now you must decide between ending up looking like Tom Hanks in “Castaway” or Jake Gyllenhaal in “Jarhead.” Or, read on, and you might pick up a thing or two that would help you look more presentable for your next Zoom meeting.

Nailing the perfect cut—especially when you’ve never cut your own hair before—is simply not going to happen. Then again, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Still, it pays to be prepared before going in shears blazing. Here are some of the major things you need to look pay attention to:

  1. Dampen Your Hair before starting; it’ll make it easier to cut. If you still have any hair products on, better wash it off first.
  2. Do It in The Bathroom. Cutting your hair should be done in a well-lit room. Get a sheet and put it down on the floor to catch all the loose hairs or have a vacuum cleaner ready for the cleanup. Or better yet, do it in front of the bathroom sink .
  3. Decide On The Hairstyle. Whether it’s just a trim or a full-on buzzcut, it’s not a bad idea to go through a couple of how-to videos on YouTube. Watch a couple of similar videos and note any similarities between the methods. Then develop a routine that suits you best.
  4. Prepare The Right Tools. You can’t just use any available scissors; you’ll need a very particular set of tools to get the right cut. You’ll need at least one pair of scissors for trimming and one for cutting. Trimming scissors usually have sears with cutting teeth on them and cutting scissors have pointy shears. Other than scissors, the most important tool will be clippers. Pull out the clipper guards and mix and match them depending on your chosen style. 
  5. Get a Hand Mirror Ready because you need to see what’s going on behind your head, especially when you’re going to use clippers.
  6. Get in the Right Position because you’ll be holding a clipper in one hand and a mirror in the other hand. Make sure that when you get to the sides and the back, you hold the mirror so you can see its reflection in the wall mirror in front of you. Never cut blind, especially when it comes to the neck area.

Remember, practice and persistence matters—and if it’s not as you imagined it end up like, so what? You have plenty of time where no one will come over and laugh at it anyway, so just relax.