Thomas Sabo reinvents its Generation Charm Club collection

NEW LOOKS. Noted jewelry designer Thomas Sabo looks into generational heirlooms to breathe new life into its signature collection

This spring and summer, Thomas Sabo hits the refresh button by completely reinventing its Generation Charm Club collection. In total, 260 pieces are restyled. “Generation Charm Club is now a much stronger statement,” said Susanne Kölbli, Creative Director at Thomas Sabo. “The jewelry designs are inspired by family heirlooms handed down from generation to generation and the new jewelry creations are much more powerful.”

Restyled pieces now feature natural stones, surface structures and colors, partly inspired by antique jewelry. On top of that, the new collection is also much more versatile, as it is designed to be worn in layers. In conjunction to the Generation Charm Club, Thomas Sabo has also released its Sterling Silver collection inspired by mythical motifs from the tropics. Among it we have the beaded power necklaces collection—a bold jewelry piece to match an equally bold outfit.