Thomas Sabo and Funky Fresh Jewelry

Thomas Sabo and the new, visually striking Pop Now collection of hip fashion jewelry for masculine men, dandies, fops and sartorialists.

The new Pop Now collection from Thomas Sabo captures the essence of pop and packages it in the spirit of what it means to be a rebel at heart through funky jewelry and accessories.

The German brand, which counts stars Katy Perry and F1 driver Nico Rosberg (seen above) as its ambassadors, is breaking into the bright neon and colorful world of pop art, pop culture and pop music. This is where art meets commerce, kitsch meets couture, rock ’n’ roll meets comics and neon meets classic.

The motifs are visually striking and often brash with a delicate irony, but always glowing with intensity. One favorite is this pendant robot with a lightning bolt finished with enamel neon symbolizing true joie de vivre.