This month’s Recommendations for the Perfect Shave

From shaving gel and cream, to the no-less-important post-shave treatment

For some of us, shaving is just a regular, day-to-day activity that simply needs to be done. But actually, much like having a proper skincare regimen, it pays to get shaving done right. It all begins with timing, and understanding how shaving help exfoliate the skin to keep it looking fresh. Proper preparation—including picking the right tools and supporting products—are also game-changers. One more thing to look out for is understanding skin types. That being said, there are also some pretty universal tips when it comes to proper shaving. To ensure a smoother shave, starting right after a hot shower helps, as the heat opens up the pores and softens coarse hairs. Lastly, aftershave treatment can’t be skipped, not just to moisturize the skin, but also to reduce redness and irritation. And, when it comes to products to use, here are our top recommendations:

Sukin for Men Shaving Gel is formulated with Tasmanian Pepper that soothes and Baobab Extract to lubricate the skin for a close and comfortable shave. It also contains sesame oil and chamomile, while a masculine blend of cinnamon and citrus refreshes the senses



L’Occitane Cade Shaving Cream is enriched with cade wood essential oil and shea butter. It transforms into a rich, creamy foam and provides ideal lubrication for a close, smooth shave. Its formula is designed to soften beard hairs in order to reduce tightness and irritation.



With an aloe-rich formula, Clinique for Men Post-Shave Soother helps to comfort the skin right after shaving. It encourages the healing of minor nicks and cuts, helps take away the sting from razor cuts and also relieve drynesss, all while leaving a pleasant, cooling tingle.




(Photography Joe Sabarto; Styling Safina Harys; Grooming Arimbi; Model Khalid Nur Aljaberty/FModels)