This Longines Watch is Not Horsing Around!

JUMP FOR JOY. For more than a century, Longines has taken part in the most prestigious equestrian sports in the world, among which is show-jumping, where a jockey leads a horse to leap over predetermined obstacles




This longtime tradition has initiated a dedicated watch to not only keep track of time, but also the scores in a showjumping event.

The Conquest Jumping from Longines facilitates those functions on its chronograph layout. The long central red hand measures the length of a jump in hundredths of a second. Faulty and penalty points can be displayed at the counter at 10 o’clock, while the timed seconds for tables A or C can be noted through the 2-o’clock counter.

At the back of this 41mm steel watch is a fine engraving of a jockey and his mount—a tribute to the historical sport.