This Grooming Product Actually Cares What’s Inside

FOR BEAUTY WITHIN. Alongside the rapid progress of men’s fashion, the world of men’s skincare has gone forward by leaps and bounds in recent decades. Among the most notable pioneers in this area is Shiseido Men, an expert in tackling facial skin issues


Shiseido Men Hydro Master Gel Damage Defense Complex copy


Its latest release of the Hydro Master Gel completes the brand’s signature Damage Defense Complex.

Formulated using the new Hydro Master technology, this quick-absorbing gel improves the skin’s natural abilities to deal with dryness, uneven texture and overabundance of sebum.

In essence, it strengthens from the roots within, rather than fixing what’s troubling on the surface. Think of well-enhanced skin that naturally keeps both oil and dryness in check in the long run.

This 75ml beauty secret could just be one small step in the next evolution of men’s skincare.

Available at Glow Living Beauty.