The Wild Boys of Dior: Eau Sauvage & Sauvage

RAW COMPLEXITY. For the first time in over a decade, Dior added a new men’s fragrance to their collection of scents




Called the Sauvage, it expresses the raw and bold freshness of bergamot oranges from the Reggio di Calabria in Italy, followed by the muskiness of Ambroxan, and the masculinity of geranium and Sichuan pepper.

To visualize the spirit of Sauvage, the brand shot a one-minute long commercial starring actor Johnny Depp in a story of freedom and emotion, of a man and his instincts.

The Sauvage comes in a set consisting of an eau de toilette spray, after-shave lotion, after-shave balm, deodorant spray and shower gel.





The name “Sauvage” itself, which means “wild” in French, is based on another men’s fragrance line from Dior, Eau Sauvage. It has become synonymous with its ambassador, the iconic French actor Alain Delon, who was filming his movie “The Last Adventure” when Eau Sauvage was initially launched in 1966.

Today, 50 years since Eau Sauvage was first introduced, Dior has paid a tribute to the two legends (the fragrance and Delon) by releasing a short animated video on its official YouTube channel. The video follows what seems to be an animated version of Delon as he walks through life, beating the casinos and winning the hearts of women everywhere. It’s like the French version of James Bond’s opening credits. Less broody, more joie de vivre.


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