The Rite

A true supernatural horror film with Anthony Hopkins makes for an adrenaline-pumping psychological thriller.

Directed by Mikael Håfström (Room 1408, Derailed), The Rite is a psychological thriller centered around the devil’s foray into one of the holiest places on earth.

Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs) also starred in Dracula (1992) and there is the same bone-chilling music featured in it.

Based loosely on true events, up-and-coming star Collin O’Donoghue (The Tudors) and Alice Braga (Predators, I Am Legend) also played major roles in the movie. While one movie critic has already panned it, calling it “another exorcism movie,” we beg to differ, if for no other reason than the fact that Anthony Hopkins carries it. This one is a must-see.