The Right Products for Men’s Hair

GREAT HAIR DAY. What’s your signature hairstyle?


the right hair products for men


Do you prefer dapper rockabilly evocative of mod styles from the ’60s? Maybe you’re currently leaning more toward dry and spiky but medium-length, like the way a lot of K-pop icons do their hair? Or perhaps you’re more comfortable with something sleek yet natural, which would be perfect for date nights?

No matter what kind of look you are trying to achieve, getting the right style isn’t rocket science, especially when you have the right stuff to put your hair up, the right way.

And the following three items we’ve compiled below definitely belong to the “right stuff” group that warrants a closer look next time you go shopping.


3 Most Recommended:


Layrite Cement Hair Clay


Think of John Travolta’s hairstyle in “Grease Lightning,” sans the grease. Yup, that’s exactly what pomade does. Especially Layrite Cement Hair Clay—it’s the stuff that will get your hair to stay all day the way you styled it, with a matte look.





Perhaps the best hairstyle to sport at evening galas is that classic, James Bond-like slick dapperness. You can effortlessly apply Shiseido Stage Works True Effector Shine on, comb your hair back, and instantly win the heart of your date for the night.



Kérastase Homme Capital Force Gel


Edgy hairstyling without great hair volume might be tricky. Thankfully, Kérastase Homme Capital Force Gel provides a very strong hold on your styling as well as better hair density and texture. Also, this product is made specifically for men.