The New Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Watch

The new Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon watch is a combination of design, travel, and craftsmanship in one watch. The dial can be personalized with your chosen watch face, and the time display is all digital. Emblematic motifs like Monogram, Damier, or the V for Gaston-Louis Vuitton are embellished for the digital mode. There’s a new color palette, contrasting bands, and the ability to add initials which makes this piece very personalized and aesthetic.

The watch faces can sync with your hotel, flight, or train bookings, also with departure and arrival times as well. Your essential travel information is all displayed all in one piece. Finding your hotel address, restaurant, or tourist site can be done in seconds with the City Guide feature.

Not only for the leisure times, the Tambour Horizon is also perfect for everyday wear. A new 24-hour ring with day/night indicator visible when the watch is in ambient mode, makes it easy for you to gather all your data in one item. The Agenda function also divides meeting times and free time with colored segments. The Step counter counts the amount of steps taken and distance traveled from one place to another. The Pollution function helps you to find out the real-time air quality index. Weather and forecasts are also displayed in this watch.

The one-piece-for-all watch is available in polished steel matte black PVD, matte brown PVD, white ceramic and white ceramic with gem-set horns. Interchangeable straps are available in numerous patterns, colors, and materials.


The new Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon is that one perfect piece that you’ll always want to wear anywhere, anytime, in any occasion, leisure or business—you name it.