The New Beosound Edge Speaker from Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen recently released their new Beosound Edge speaker, an all-in-one wireless multiroom speaker. The new sound system provides really powerful bass and directional sound control. True360 room-filling sound and their intuitive rolling volume control are also the key features to the new product.

The immersive sound performance will make you wanting to roll the balancing circle–and you should. This speaker brings both technology and style to the table, making it a super interactive, fashionable, tech-forward gear for you.

The design is exceptional. You will not believe that a sleek, fashionable electronic device could be this superb, both for the sound quality and the utility. A very modern and simple rolling circle will have you wanting to play more and more music. Completed with wall and floor mount, you can always have the freedom to change it upon your mood–whether to put it on the floor, or to mount it on the wall for a more practical use.

At the centre of the circular speaker, there’s an innovative Active Bass Port design. It is a revolutionary Bang & Olufsen technology that enables Beosound Edge to deliver unexpected power for its size. Look behind the fabric fronts and watch as the port closes at lower volumes and opens when playing loud, effectively changing the speaker’s acoustic capabilities.

The genius design of the multiroom speaker was designed by acclaimed lighting designer Michael Anastassiades. The inspiration of the speakers comes from an imagination of a coin balancing on its side almost ready to roll away. The minimalist design approach is definitely the perfect touch for the Beosound Edge.

With both sides of the speaker, you will be able to direct the sound for a more intimate listening experience. The True360 omni-directional mode will provide the whole room a party wiith no hassle.

Flexibility is also an important key to this speaker. The Beosound Edge allows you to stream music effortlessly from AirPlay 2, Chromecast built-in or Bluetooth. The multiroom technology also allows you to connect multiple speakers throughout the home and make it into one seamless audio system.

Curious for more? Check out their website for further information of the new speaker.