The Life, Laughs and Fame of Twan Kuyper

DA MAN: Moving forward, do you have any big plans to expand your online presence or add more offline ventures?
Twan Kuyper: Yes, I’m always working on new things. Some of it I can’t talk about yet, but there will be merchandise coming!

Twan Kuyper

Suit by Canali

DA MAN: Stepping back from plans for the future to past success, can you tell us a bit about your modeling days? Particularly before you ventured into Vine …
Twan Kuyper: Before my vine days, I was signed to Next Models, and I did a couple of shows like for Louis Vuitton, etc. But now I’m with IMG Worldwide, and I’m extremely happy there. Also, I recently shot with Mario Testino for the anniversary edition of Vogue Netherlands.

Twan Kuyper

Jacket and sweater by Old Navy, shirt by H&M, bag by Bed|stu, watch by MYKU

DA MAN: What was it that eventually convinced you that modeling was for you?
Twan Kuyper: In the beginning, I had a lot of insecurities about modeling, but down the road I realized that this was really for me, and fell in love with it.

Twan Kuyper

Jacket and denim trousers by Ben sherman, shirt by Body Glove, watch by MYKU

DA MAN:Do you think that the skills and habits you picked up while modeling helped you perform better in front of a video camera?
Twan Kuyper: For me, acting helped me to perform better in front of the camera with modeling. It helped me bring emotion that translates into facial expressions in the photos.

Twan Kuyper

Jacket by Jaywalker, denim trousers by Ben Sherman

DA MAN: Will modeling still play a significant role in your future career? If so, do you have any projects lined up for, say, the next couple of months or so?
Twan Kuyper: Modeling will always be a part of my life, as will acting. Regarding future projects I’m working on, I have a lot of great things that are coming up, but I can’t really say what they are yet.

DA MAN: What would be your dream-modeling project? Campaign for a big brand, perhaps? Or maybe working with a certain photographer or stylist?
Twan Kuyper: I would love to work with Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.

Twan Kuyper

Sweatshirt by Vanishing Elephant

DA MAN: Moving on to your own style, are there any particular fashion trends that you like to follow?
Twan Kuyper: I really like to just kind of put together what I think looks good, combined with what’s in style right now, which may be a mixture of things—but it’s my style.

DA MAN: How would you describe your own personal fashion style, by the way?
Twan Kuyper: I would say that I have a good mix between Los Angeles fashion and New York fashion.

Twan Kuyper

Shirt and denim trousers by Ben sherman, briefs by Hugo Boss

DA MAN: What would you consider the top, say, three most important styling tips that every man should know?
Twan Kuyper: One: Train your gut instincts. Before you trust your eyes, do your research; see what’s available and what’s in style; then you can begin to trust your eyes. Two: Just because something works on someone else, it may not work for you; learn your fashion-self. Three: Accessories can make a huge difference in any outfit; find out what looks good on you, and don’t overdo it. I could go on…

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