The Cologne to Try If You’ve Never Tried Cologne Before

BOYS TO MEN. When it comes to perfumes, there is a common sentiment that real men go for colognes while boys cling on to eau de toilettes




What separates between the two, in brief, is that colognes are more concentrated and, thus, last way longer. If you are a rookie in the world of colognes, try the new Colonia Intensa Acqua di Parma.

This Italian choice is unexpectedly rich and, despite its citrusy opening note, it has an intriguingly masculine smell that wonderfully develops over time and lasts for quite a while. Yes, it is priced rather steeply compared to most eau de toilettes; however, once you go with colognes, it is rather unlikely that you’ll go back to what the boys use.

Acqua di Parma is available at Glow Living Beauty, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.