The Breakfast Club featuring Carlos Megias and Hugo Sanchez

Sunday mood at all times. Don’t let the cold weather bites you to dust, these basic essentials will keep you stay on the radar!

Sunglasses by Saint Laurent; vintage sweater by YSL; pants by Dior
Sneakers by Nike; sweater by Champion; socks by Target; pants by Zara
Jacket by Norway; jeans by Pull&Bear; sneakers by Nike
Sunglasses by Saint Laurent; jacket by Ellesse; hat by Primark; sweater by Mazine;
Shorts by Kappa; pants by Nike; slippers by Decathlon; top by Air Jordan
Necklace by Topman
Sweater by Champion; necklace by Topman
Coat by Zara
Underwear by CK; jeans by Levi’s; sneakers by Nike; necklace by Topman
Green Jacket by Mazine; sweater by Mazine; black jacket by Pull&Bear; jeans by Levi’s; socks by H&M; sneakers by Nike
Coat & sweater by Mazine; jeans by Levi’s; socks by H&M; sneakers by Nike
Necklace by Topman
Hoodie by Carhartt
Left: Pants by Zara; sneakers by Nike; hoodie by Carhartt; socks by Target Right: Coat by Zara; jeans by Levi’s; sneakers by Nike
Shorts by Kappa; tank by Nike; shirt by Air Jordan
Shorts by Kappa; tank top by Nike; shirt by Air Jordan
Tank top by Nike; shorts by Kappa; shocks by H&M
Jeans by Bershka; shirt by Primemart; vest by Decathlon
Jacket by Levi’s


Robe by Shangri-La; jeans by Berska; shoes by Bata
Shorts by Nike; shirt by Polo
Pants by Bershka; cap by Nike; jacket by H&M
Pants by Nike
Tank top by Champion; headset by JBL
Underwear by Calvin Klein; towel by Amazon
Blanket by Zara Home

Photography Jonny Silver Tone
Styling and grooming by Anakin
Model Carlos Megias Guerreiro and Hugo Sanchez/